Jonathan Xianqi Zeng’s Primer on Corporate Fiduciary Duties and Internal Controls

Wirecard and Luckin Coffee are two most recent frauds investors met. Here are some takeaways from my corporate board responsibilities class last semester. I’d like to take the opportunity to share several important points. Several duties categorized below. Duty of care is mainly procedural. Criteria include: Time commitment and attention being applied. Conduct diligent process […]

Xianqi Zeng’s Review on Mobileye’s Strategy

Hello, my name is Jonathan Xianqi Zeng. In this episode, I’d like to discuss my takeaways on Mobileye’s development strategy. As you may know, Mobileye was acquired by Intel. However, have you ever thought about whether this company has ever sought partnership with incumbents and tech giants? Here is a quick summary of Mobileye’s decisions […]

Xianqi Zeng’s Review on Software Firm’s Platform Strategy (Part II)

Hello, my name is Jonathan Xianqi Zeng. I’d like to continue my last discussion on the options for a software company to pursue a platform strategy, converting their current product offerings to a platform that enables customers to achieve more values within an integrated toolbox. The second option is to: Connect existing customers. In this […]

Xianqi Zeng’s Review on Software Firm’s Platform Strategy (Part I)

Hello. My name is Jonathan Xianqi Zeng. As some of you may know, a product company’s pricing power is as good as the product’s demand itself. However, once a product becomes a platform, customers’ willingness-to-pay and switching cost may rise dramatically. To capture the most value, there are two main ways to make a product […]